Northern Lights Football

Game Day Wrecking Crew

Game day is a very special day for a football player. Tag along for the ride.

Getting ready

Preparation is key in football. Getting ready for the game includes a solid meal loaded with carbohydrates and following a set routine. For some it may mean listening to music. For others, silent concentration reigns.

Warm-up & pre-game

Football is part physical, part mental. A well designed warm up routine prepares the team for the challenge ahead. Pre-game drills help get everyone on the same page.


The whistle. Hands up, get ready. Ok, here we go boys and girls.


Expect to win. Expect to dominate. Have some fun with it, too.

Photo credits: Titta Majahalme, Jari Turunen, Tuomo Tomperi, Pekka Vilkkovaara.